Virginia In Support Of A 550 Mile Pipeline

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been successfully endorsed at the Hampton Roads caucus, paving the way for a new 550 mile pipeline that can significantly improve upon distribution. The pipeline has been endorsed by a total of 33 members of the legislative caucus in Hampton Roads, though the decision has been somewhat controversial. New pipelines have become critical across the nation’s infrastructure as a method of transporting the large volumes of natural gas that are being produced. Domestic natural gas production is a quickly growing industry, and the need for natural gas is increasing throughout the nation.

Natural Gas Production Outpaces Distribution

Concerns abound throughout the natural gas industry regarding the ability to easily distribute natural gas throughout the nation. There are specific areas within the country that are producing the vast majority of natural gas, and it becomes critical to transport this gas to the cities and states that need it. Because natural gas has never before been produced in the nation at this volume, the distribution and pipeline infrastructure is not able to handle the necessary capacity. Additions such as the 550 mile pipeline are absolutely where to buy viagra in store critical to maintaining the industry’s operations.

Presently, there are concerns that the transportation system in the area has already reached a tipping point, through which it can no longer facilitate the large amounts of natural gas that need to be moved. Once bottlenecks occur, the industry will not be able to take on new customers and will be required to prioritize their existing customers, thereby throttling the local industry. This could have a devastating impact not only on the local economy but also production of natural gas overall.

A Nation Fueled by Natural Gas

As natural gas production has ramped up, the usage of natural gas has also increased. This is incredibly important for the country’s energy future. Many states have started reducing their reliance upon environmentally harmful methods of energy production such as coal, instead hoping to switch to natural gas as a more affordable and more ecologically friendly resource. In order to facilitate this shift to natural gas, however, new pipelines have to be created. Power plants that are fueled by natural gas cannot store the natural gas but instead need pipelines running directly to them. Pipelines also remain the safest and most affordable method of transporting natural gas. The better the infrastructure, the cheaper the resource will be; the cheaper energy is, the better the economy will perform.

New pipelines will need to be developed throughout the nation if natural gas is to be distributed safely. A shift towards natural gas is a shift towards a better energy future. Not only is natural gas extremely plentiful throughout America’s shale resources, but it’s also been shown to have improved the environment more than other sustainable methods of energy production such as solar and wind. Natural gas is an affordable and easy method of energy production; it only requires that the gas be able to be freely distributed.

Pipelines aren’t just the most cost-effective method of transport, but also the safest, in an industry where safety is a paramount concern. Keystone Containment Contractors provides complete safety systems with an incredible record of zero recordable safety incidents. If your oil and gas company is concerned with work-site safety, inquire now regarding Keystone Containment’s full-site turnkey solutions.