Quality Control & Maintenance


Like any tool employed in industry; proper care in fabrication and on-going maintenance of our systems improves performance and extends its useful economic life. KCC has a full time QUALITY CONTROL TEAM that monitors the condition of our systems before they enter the field and while they are employed on your behalf.

Depending on the material chosen our service programs can extend the life of a system many times over. The cost savings by maintaining containment far outweighs regular replacement of liner in dollars and the effect on the environment. More money to your bottom line and less waste material in landfills.

Our team of experts are trained to spot potential issues and fix them before they become a problem for our partners. For Operators this can be the difference between good news and bad news.

KCC offers full service maintenance programs and affordable fee for service options. Our expert technicians keep our systems functioning at the highest level so you can sleep easily at night.

Our vacuum trucks operate every day of the year because Mother Nature never takes a day off. KCC “duck ponds” and other containments are regularly monitored by our team to insure that each of our partner’s site locations are protected from unwanted overflow of any liquids.