Nine Energy Completes The Longest Utica Shale Well

Nine Energy has recently completed the longest shale well in the world. The record-breaking shale well is 3.5 miles long and located in Utica. It had to be completed through over 120 fracking stages. Nine Energy is a smaller company within the oil field industry but has been able to show its considerable capabilities through the development of this new well.  The entire construction of the well took only 18 days in total.

An Unprecedented Construction

There were a total of 124 stages throughout the drilling of the new Utica construction, known now as Purple Hayes. Each stage consisted of approximately 150 feet and there were five stages completed per day. This was both faster and less costly than previous similar constructions. The cost estimates for Purple Hayes were $15.8 million and the company was able to achieve this with less than 5% variation from their plan.

The construction itself is yet to be tested in terms of long-term production, but it has undergone 48 hours of testing. The construction of the project was designed not only to bring the well to life as fast as possible but also to achieve solid long-term performance. Nine Energy, which is a Houston company, is expected to continue building similar constructions and hoping to build up to 15,000 foot lateral wells. Better and newer construction techniques will make these projects faster in the future.

Better Costs for the Oil and Gas Industry

According to Nine Energy, they were able to provide costs that were 30% better than their prior lowest expense wells. The procedures used throughout the fracking of the new Purple Hayes well may be able to be used to reduce costs throughout the industry. The oil and gas industry is currently suffering from depressed prices, which has led many companies to try to achieve more with a lower budget. By reducing the expenses associated with drilling new wells, companies will be able to investigate and explore more often without fear of excess costs. They will also be able to invest in new projects to further advance the oil and gas industry. Though the Marcellus shale is presently being drilled and recovered from more often than the Utica shale, it’s likely that the Utica shale may be able to eclipse the Marcellus shale with the proper development.

The Marcellus and Utica shales are the highest producing regions of both crude oil and natural gas in the United States. In fact, the Marcellus-Utica pills arena shale region now produces more natural gas than many countries. It’s expected that considerable development will continue in the area. As always, the most important consideration when it comes to oil field development is safety. Keystone Containment provides complete secondary containment solutions designed to prevent environmental infiltration even in the event that disaster occurs. Contact Keystone Containment today to find out more about their containment products.