Study: Gas Pipelines Proven Not To Hurt Property Values

A new study commissioned by the International Gas Association of America (IGAA) and conducted by Integra Realty Resource (IRR) discovered that there is no connection between the development and operation of energy pipelines and lowered property values. Property values that were closer to pipelines did not suffer from lower prices compared to properties that were… Read More

The PA Oil & Gas Industry Is Donating $1M To Charity

Marcellus shale drillers have continued to donate to local charities despite a reduction in profits across the oil and gas industry. These charity donations began during the initial Marcellus Shale boom, but they have not ceased even as oil and gas companies reduced the amount of production and drilling they were able to complete. Many… Read More

Are On-Site Contractors Liable For EHS?

What happens if an on-site contractor brings an extremely hazardous substance (EHS) to your facility? Are they liable for the consequences — or are you? Extremely hazardous substances are regulated by a variety of requirements and restrictions set by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, the need to contract out certain functions to on-site contractors may… Read More

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