Natural Gas First Quarter Results For 2016

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) has recently released its first quarter results for 2016, showing an earnings report of $1 million throughout their first quarter. Year-over-year, this earnings summary has gone down from $891 million in the first quarter of 2016, which has been attributed to the market environment in addition to the favorable conditions in… Read More

PA Hearing Arguments For Act 13

The Pennsylvanian Supreme Court will be hearing arguments against Act 13, which could have extraordinary ramifications for the local oil and gas industry. Those who oppose Act 13 believe that it is unconstitutional, and that the state should not be able to set regulations and restrictions that should instead be enforced on a federal level. The controversial… Read More

Study: Gas Pipelines Proven Not To Hurt Property Values

A new study commissioned by the International Gas Association of America (IGAA) and conducted by Integra Realty Resource (IRR) discovered that there is no connection between the development and operation of energy pipelines and lowered property values. Property values that were closer to pipelines did not suffer from lower prices compared to properties that were… Read More

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