WVU Shares Expertise on Natural Gas

The U.S. Department of State has reportedly been in contact with the West Virginia University to learn more about natural gas resources. Natural gas resources are an important component of the country’s energy and economic future, and have been growing in production through the use of unconventional drilling methods. WVU researchers have been hard at… Read More

US Still The Top Natural Gas Producer

According to reports, the petroleum supply in the United States was able to increase from 1 million barrels to a staggering 16 million barrels in 2015. Associated with this, natural gas production has risen from 3.7 billion public feet to 74.2 billion cubic feet. Natural gas production has increased at a far greater rate than… Read More

Natural gas exploration to begin in Pittsburgh area

Pittsburgh International Airport’s land will soon be seeing natural gas production, following the culmination of a deal that was initially begun in 2013.¬†The airport has been working closely with a major¬†energy producer in order to stabilize its own income and produce local energy supplies. Six Well Pads Starting as of June 28 The first well… Read More

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