Colorado Strikes Big On Natural Gas

A new assessment by the U.S. Geological Survey indicates that Colorado has far more natural gas than was initially assumed. This is an incredibly important find in a world in which natural gas is becoming increasingly more valuable and often used. Natural gas is┬áreplacing coal across much of the world and may be instrumental in… Read More

Marcellus & Utica May Go To Georgia, Florida

Two new pipelines may be bringing Marcellus and Utica shale gasoline to Florida and Georgia in 2019. Alabama factors heavily into these plans, through which the pipelines will be able to connect and bring oil from the northeast to the southeast. These new pipelines may both improve upon gas and energy prices in the southeast… Read More

Oil and Gas Are Not The Cause Of The Emissions Spike

Oil and natural gas are often the first to be suspected when emissions spikes are discovered. But though the Obama administration is attempting to tighten regulations on the energy industry, studies have found that oil and natural gas are not the cause. Rather than fossil fuels, it is believed that agriculture and animal husbandry are… Read More

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