Utica Wells Lead The Charge In U.S. Shale Output

Industry reporting has shown that the Utica shale is outputting more natural gas from fewer wells than the rest of the nation’s reserves. As the oil and gas industry continues to work to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create a national oil and gas network, the Utica shale is likely to become the target of major production.… Read More

How Will The New Safety Rules Affect Your Operation?

As the natural gas industry grows within the United States, so does the traffic across domestic pipelines. With an increased carrying capacity, many regulatory agencies have found the need for additional safety rules and regulations. While the industry itself has been split upon whether or not some of these safety rules are strictly necessary, the Department of… Read More

Demand for Natural Gas to Increase

Natural gas production is becoming an important component to the world’s energy future. In fact, it’s believed that gas production will have increased http://thespyexpert.com/ by five times by 2020. Natural gas is an attractive alternative to many other fuel sources and has become plentiful through the use of hydraulic fracturing. Electricity Generation Going Up Natural gas… Read More

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