What Is Polyurea Coating?

Polyurea is an advanced, spray-on polymer that can be easily applied in a variety of thicknesses to any area. Polyurea is often used to coat materials such as steel and concrete, thereby protecting the surfaces from corrosion and other environmental concerns. Polyurea can also be used as a liner, as it is water-resistant, with exceptionally… Read More

Keys To A Facility Response Plan

A facility response plan is designed to react to and protect against discharge into the environment. A response plan is required in any facility that may be able to potentially cause substantive harm to the environment in the event that discharge does occur. Does Your Facility Need a Response Plan? A self-selection process is involved… Read More

A Summary Of PA Act 13

Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Act 13, enacted in 2012, was designed by the Department of Environmental Protection to increase the environmental standards of the local oil and gas industry. The act covered a variety of topics, including permitting, bonding, reporting, and new definitions. In particular, the PA Act 13 modified some aspects of well pad… Read More

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