WVU Shares Expertise on Natural Gas

The U.S. Department of State has reportedly been in contact with the West Virginia University to learn more about natural gas resources. Natural gas resources are an important component of the country’s energy and economic future, and have been growing in production through the use of unconventional drilling methods. WVU researchers have been hard at work studying the development of the natural gas industry and the technology and science behind the resource. By working with WVU, the U.S. Department of State may become more knowledgeable about both production and safety methods.

An Energy Landscape That Is Constantly Changing

Just a decade ago, natural gas was behind coal as one of the leading fossil fuels throughout the world. In the past year, natural gas has finally surpassed the harmful fossil fuel, thereby creating a more sustainable and safe environment. But this energy landscape does carry with it some changes. Notably, pipelines have been necessary to transport natural gas from production areas to the areas that need it most. By working closely with experts, government officials may be able to improve upon both the production and the transportation of natural gas.

The development of the natural gas industry has had a more significant impact on the environment than many renewable methods of energy production, such as solar and wind power. This is because natural gas is more affordable and easily adopted. An infrastructure for using the energy produced by natural gas is already available, and newer technology (such as natural gas cars) is being improved upon and developed. The more natural gas is produced the more affordable it becomes, and the read more at more affordable it is the more the economy can improve.

Hoping for Safer and More Sustainable Development

Through working with WVU, it may be possible to achieve even safer and more sustainable natural gas production and usage. The more efficient the use of natural gas, the better the economy will fare. The government will be creating an International Forum on Unconventional Gas Sustainability and the Environment (INFUSE). This international forum will use a combination of research, field activities, and classroom teaching to create a broader and more in-depth understanding of natural gas usage and its potential consequences. By becoming more familiar with natural gas, its inherent value, and its safety, governments may be more willing to not only fund natural gas projects but also move their own government systems towards more sustainable energy use.

The natural gas industry is an extremely safe one, with many companies working hard to ensure the safety of not only their own employees but also the environment. Through this new panel, governments will be able to see the steps that are being taken to make natural gas not only safe but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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