Permanent Secondary Containment


No project goes exactly according to plan. That is why our clients partner with KCC before they have a problem. Our systems are the best barrier between you and an avoidable meeting with regulators.

Permanent production tank containment or a disposable system that is on the ground for one day; KCC can fulfill your needs and environmental obligations.

KCC is a pioneer on the path toward portable & reusable frac tank containment. Fabricated with our Polyurea liner, our containment products literally last years in the field with proper maintenance and monitoring. “Set it & forget it” is not an overstatement on performance but KCC does not take time off & will make sure the integrity of our containment holds over time.

Need a “one and done” option? KCC fabricates, installs, and maintains effective light duty containment options that are affordable and practical for specific jobs. KCC has same day service for last minute or unforeseen needs; CALL US & WE WILL BE THERE!