Natural Gas Companies Raise Funds for WV Flood Victims

Over $350,000 has been raised by natural gas companies following a devastating flood in West Virginia. This money has been donated directly to the regional branch of the American Red Cross. There were over two dozen companies involved in the charity organizing. The money will be used for flood recovery efforts and disaster assistance.

Flooding Across the State

The recent flood affected both businesses and residential areas throughout West Virginia. When flooding occurs, the results are often felt for months or even years. Homes and businesses wash away, lives may be lost, and the physical infrastructure of the city may be in need of repairs. More urgently, much of the assistance available for residents (such as insurance) can take months to become available. Fundraising is often a necessity to ensure that victims get relief as soon as possible. The American Red Cross often has volunteers on the ground immediately following a flood to make sure that those affected get the help and support that they need. By donating directly to the American Red Cross, these natural gas companies have made it easier for West Virginia residents to go back to their ordinary lives as soon as possible.

The Donating Isn’t Done Yet

According to the State Director of Public Affairs for Dominion Resources, the donations aren’t done yet. The $350,000 figure is only what was raised so far. The State Director noted that many of the local companies have been matching employee donations and that donating is still being completed. The businesses included within the donations so far were listed as: Antero Resources, Apex Pipeline Services, Blue Racer Midstream, Chevron Global Community Fund, Columbia Pipeline Group, CONSOL Energy, Crestwood Midstream Partners, Cunningham Energy, Dominion Resources, Energy Transportation/Applied Construction Solutions, Eureka Midstream, ExxonMobil and XTO Energy, Jackson Gas Company, Learned Leadership, LLC, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Mountaineer Gas Company, Noble Energy, Ryan Environmental, Southwestern Energy, and Stone Energy.

An Industry Committed to Charity

Natural gas and oil companies have shown themselves to be incredibly committed to the regions that they develop and operate in. It only makes sense, as they create jobs locally within the area, support small businesses, and consequently find themselves personally invested within the health, stability, and happiness of the region. Following the boom created by hydraulic fracturing, many oil and gas companies have taken it upon themselves to create better communities and foster strong community relationships. These companies have collectively invested billions in local charities, developments, and initiatives.

With these charitable investments and community involvement, it’s hoped that West Virginia can quickly rebound from the impact of the recent floods. Meanwhile, oil and gas companies such as Keystone Containment remain committed to the communities that they have worked with and that have given them so much. Keystone Containment Contractors operate turn-key safety solutions designed to protect those within the oil and gas industry and the communities that house them. Contact Keystone Containment today to learn more about their zero-incident safety record.